Welcome to Dynamic Massage, the website of Darien Pritchard

This year I’m celebrating 46 years as a bodyworker and massage teacher.

At this stage of my career, I’m focussing on summarising my experience to give back to the massage profession through my books and teaching. I love opening up the horizons of what is possible in massage/bodywork for new practitioners as well as refreshing established practitioners.

Throughout my career, I’ve been passionate about helping massage practitioners to look after their hands and body and to use them well to deliver massages – and thus maintain their career. To this end, I’ve been a pioneer for more than 20 years in teaching Advanced Hands-Free Massage – the skilful, sensitive use of the forearm and elbow to save the hands.

This website covers the range of Advanced Massage courses that I teach. Each of these self-contained courses is designed to teach you practical skills that you can immediately incorporate into your massage treatments (with a little practice).

I also teach Stretch and Strengthen’ classes online. These classes, mostly involving seated exercises and some standing ones – to help people to keep their bodies flexible and active at home.

Please contact me if you would like further information about my classes, or if you’d like me to come and teach for your group.

All the best
Darien Pritchard


Online book and hard copy: Finally, after five years of working on it, I am excited to be publishing Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Massage as an online book and also as a hard copy. This is a total rewrite of the massage student textbook that I co-wrote 20 years ago.

Online ‘stretch-and strengthen’ classes: I teach weekly online ‘exercise’ classes. I have recently started a new ‘beginners’ class of Keep Moving exercises for those who find themselves stiffening up in chairs.

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