Professional Development Training Courses for Massage Practitioners

Welcome to Dynamic Massage, the website of Darien Pritchard.

This year I’m celebrating 40 years as a bodyworker and massage teacher. This website covers the Professional Development Training to increase the skills and experience of qualified massage practitioners and aromatherapists.

Each of the massage training courses are designed to teach you practical skills that you can immediately incorporate into your massage treatments (with a little practice).

Each course is self-contained. You don’t need to do any of the other courses to be able to use the techniques covered. However the courses do complement each other – so doing more than one of these courses will enhance the learning that you will gain from each individual course.

Please contact me if you would like further information or if you’d like me to come and teach for your group.

I look forward to seeing you at a future training course.

All the best
Darien Pritchard

( I also offer individual, paired or group coaching for massage trainers to refresh their teaching.)


My other massage courses include

  • Hands Free Massage – using the forearm and elbow to save the practitioner’s hands
  • RhythmMobility® – rhythmical techniques for release, mobilising and energising
  • Working Easier, Working Stronger – dynamic bodyuse for delivering effective, strain-free massage
  • Freeing the Shoulders – deep massage and mobilising techniques
  • Releasing the Neck – deep massage and mobilising techniques
  • Releasing the Lower Back and Hips deep massage and mobilising techniques
  • The SuppleSpine Programme for back care – a sequence of ‘homework’ exercises to teach clients for maintaining a strong, flexible back
  • Seated Massage – ‘western-style’ massage with a clothed client, in an ordinary chair or a portable massage chair
  • Massage without Oil – effective ‘dry’ massage, including through clothing
  • SubtleStretch – sensitively applied stretches for calming and for muscle release
  • Creativity in Massage – refresh and enliven your massage treatments
  • The Art of Touch – using touch skillfully for nurturing massage
  • Stretching your Massage Skills – Incorporating Stretches and Mobilisations into massage treatments
  • Dancing the Massage – moving/‘dancing’ at the massage table to deliver power and fluidity, waking up different parts of your hands, and inviting the client’s soft tissues to soften, relax, be stretched and release.
1 and 2 day courses

2 Day Basic Training – Cardiff 2018

Holiday Inn Express
Lakeside Drive, Newport, NP10 8BB

27 & 28 Oct 2018

Cost and booking
Booking through Teach Therapy