Professional Development Training Courses for Massage Practitioners

Seated Massage – ‘Western style’


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It’s very useful to be able to massage seated clients – for example when the client can’t comfortably lie down, to do mini-massages in public situations (such as in offices or at sporting events), and for public promotions and demonstrations.

This course will enable you to deliver a brief 15 minute seated massage or a more extensive 30 minutes. It covers ways of working with clients that range from a general relaxing treatment to a more invigorating ‘refresher’ for people who need to return to work afterwards.

This can be either a 1 day course

  • either working with the client seated in an ordinary chair
  • OR working with the client seated in a portable massage chair

OR a 2 day course covering both of the above situations


The focus is on releasing tension from the shoulders, neck and upper back, and mobilising the shoulders. The massage techniques covered are based on western (‘Swedish’) massage, adapted to working through clothing (i.e. without oil).

Particular attention is given to the practitioner’s own bodyuse so that you can work effectively without wearing yourself out. This is particularly important when you are working without oil, as it’s easy to tire or even strain your hands.

“I can picture some clients that this will suit better than a table massage”


“What a great way of selling myself in public”


NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc


1 and 2 day courses 2019

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18 May 2019
Protect your hands, save your back and shoulders for massage therapists


9 May 2019
Releasing the Neck


22 Jun
Freeing the Shoulders


23 Jun
Releasing the Neck


6 & 7 Jul
Basic Hands Free Massage


14 Sep
Releasing the Lower Back


5 & 6 Oct
Basic Hands Free Massage


26 Oct
Rocking the Body, Rolling the limbs


27 Oct
Living Anatomy – a hands-on muscle review day


30 Nov
Releasing the Neck


1 Dec
Freeing the Shoulders


See the diary for more details