PDF – Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Massage


By Darien Pritchard
First Edition – August 2021
ISBN 9780 9576 3950 7


A user-friendly textbook, designed for students, practitioners and teachers of relaxation massage, Swedish massage and sports massage.


About the book

A user-friendly electronic textbook (PDF), designed for students, practitioners and teachers of relaxation massage, Swedish massage and sports massage.

  • 450 pages / 98MB
  • covers syllabus for most professional massage training
  • contains further information to help you in professional practice
  • covers the structure and functioning of the human body
  • focusses on aspects most relevant to massage – bones, joints, muscles and the nervous system
  • each technical term is explained and related to common sense and life experience, and to the concerns of massage treatments
  • over 250 illustrations to help understanding
  • descriptions and massage guidelines for working with people with more than 100 common medical conditions

About the Autor

Darien Pritchard has been a professional bodyworker, massage trainer and author since 1977. For 25 years he trained massage professionals (including 5 years as part of a University Degree course) and has taught advanced massage courses since 1988.

Darien has written massage articles and textbooks and worked for national organisations helping to raise the status and standards of the massage profession.

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Please RESPECT the work and livelihood of the author by NOT passing this electronic book on to others, rather direct them to this shop.

This book is designed to support the learning of massage students, teachers and practitioners and has taken considerable time, effort and money to produce.

Thank you and good luck with your massage career,

Edition Date

August 2021


9780 9576 3950 7


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