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Skills Development

  • Hands Free Massage – using the forearm and elbow to save the practitioner’s hands
  • RhythmMobility® – rhythmical techniques for release, mobilising and energising
  • Releasing the Neck – deep massage and mobilising techniques
  • Freeing the Shoulders – deep massage and mobilising techniques
  • Releasing the Lower Back  – deep massage and mobilising techniques
  • The SuppleSpine Programme – a sequence of ‘homework’ exercises to teach clients for maintaining a strong, flexible back
  • The Art of ‘Dry’ Massage – effective ‘dry’ massage, including through clothing
  • Stretching your Massage Skills – Incorporating Stretches and Mobilisations into massage treatments
  • Seated Massage – ‘western-style’ massage with a clothed client, in an ordinary chair or a portable massage chair
  • Living Anatomy –  learning / reviewing muscles in an applied hands on way.
  • Dancing the Massage – moving/‘dancing’ at the massage table to deliver power and fluidity, waking up different parts of your hands, and inviting the client’s soft tissues to soften, relax, be stretched and release.
  • Working Easier, Working Stronger – dynamic bodyuse for delivering effective, strain-free massage
  • SubtleStretch – sensitively applied stretches for calming and for muscle release
  • Creativity in Massage – refresh and enliven your massage treatments
  • The Art of Touch – using touch skillfully for nurturing massage

Extensive Training

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