Please note that all of the workshops listed here are Professional Development training – only for Qualified Massage  Practitioners, Aromatherapists etc.

In addition to the set workshops (see Diary), I am very happy to travel for teaching groups. Please contact me if you are interested in gathering a group for me to come and teach – it needs at least 8 people to make the travelling viable.

  • Hands Free Massage using the forearm and elbow to save the practitioner’s hands;
    1 day Intro – ‘Soft forearm’ on the prone client’s back
    2 day Basic – ‘Soft forearm’ on the client’s back, arms and legs
  • 8 Day Advanced – the original Hands Free Massage training
  • Protecting your Hands, Save your Back and Shoulders  (1 day) – for delivering effective, strain-free massage
  • Percussion, Vibration, Stretches and Mobilisations (1 day) – useful and effective massage techniques that belong in every practitioner’s toolkit (but are often neglected or done poorly)
  • Releasing the Neck (1 day) deep massage and mobilising techniques, with client supine
  • Freeing the Shoulders (1 day) deep massage and mobilising techniques, with client prone
  • Releasing the Lower Back (1 day) deep massage and mobilising techniques, with client prone
  • Freeing the Neck, Shoulders and Lower Back (4 days) a range of deep massage and mobilising techniques for working on the ‘average’ client prone, supine, side-lying and seated – either as part of a full-body massage session, or just focusing on some or all of these areas in a session.
  • Living Anatomy (1 day) learning / reviewing muscles in an applied hands-on way.
  • Seated Massage (2 days) ‘western-style’ massage with a clothed client, in an ordinary chair and a portable massage chair
  • Rocking the Body, Rolling the Limbs (RhythmMobility) rhythmical techniques for release, mobilising and energising;
    1 day Intro – side-to-side rocking, keeping the whole body moving
    2 day Basic – lengthways push-pull rocking; transitions between rocking/rolling and “push-pull”
  • 8 day – Advanced RhythmMobility training
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