My teaching approach

My teaching is designed to encourage a sense of curiosity and also involves having fun.

It stresses respect for both the practitioner and the client as an integral part of doing bodywork:

  • the development of an attitude that combines warmth with professionalism
  • working with an appreciation of both the nurturing and remedial aspects of massage
  • working with an awareness of pacing, fluidity, continuity and rhythm
  • sensitivity, adaptability and creativity in applying techniques
  • looking after your own body and using it with ease and effectively while massaging, so that good bodyuse becomes an integral part of your practice
  • the use of preparatory centering and grounding exercises by practitioners, and self monitoring to maintain energy and awareness while working

Teaching of techniques includes:

  • ‘listening’ with your hands – to monitor and adapt your techniques to suit the client’s build, tensions and responses
  • adapting the delivery of your techniques to suit your own build and physical capabilities
  • considering where techniques fits into the overall treatment session
  • developing a feel for the appropriate depth of working with a client
  • and ways of incorporating both intuition and anatomical knowledge

Note: I reserve the right to dismiss people from workshops due to inappropriate or insensitive application of the techniques (or for unprofessional behaviour).

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