Organise a workshop

I am available to come and teach groups of 6 -14 people.


I like to work 10am – 5pm/5.30pm each day.

We take an hour for lunch and incorporate morning and afternoon tea breaks.


  • One massage table for each two participants – preferably tables whose height can be adjusted to suit the participants, and preferably with face cradles (but not essential).
  • Table covers, bolsters and couch roll for each table.
  • Most organisers ask each participant to bring their own linen for draping.
  • Some organisers supply massage oil, some ask participants to bring their own.
  • The room needs to be heatable and have enough space to comfortably move around each table.
  • Coffee/tea making facilities & biscuits – or a cafe or similar nearby.

I bring music equipment – an ipod and dock.
I provide each student with a handbook and DVD of what we are covering in the course.

I am based in Cardiff, but am very willing to travel for teaching.
Please contact me if you would like me to teach a workshop >

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