Professional Development Training Courses for Massage Practitioners

Dancing the Massage


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Whatever the aims and techniques of massage sessions, massage is delivered physically as a body-to-body communication. This day focuses on the quality of your massage work. It is designed to refresh and enhance your feeling, intuition and skill for both sides of the medium in which we work (the physicality of how we use our bodies and hands, and our feeling for the client’s soft tissues).

We focus on five themes:

  • warming up (preparation for massage through stretching, energising, centering and rhythmical movement)
  • moving/‘dancing’ at the massage table to deliver power (when appropriate) and fluidity to the massage (in a way that you can’t by standing still) – calling on such sources as the dynamic ‘dance’ of the tennis player, the strength and fluidity of many martial arts, the centered power of Yoga, and ‘movement mindfulness’
  • qualities of movement – rhythm, shapes/pathways (e.g. ebb and flow, lines, circles, spirals, body shapes), continuity and fluidity, and expanding the ‘moods’ that you can call on in a massage session
  • waking up different parts of your hands, and exploring varied ways of using them to ‘speak to’ and play/dance with the client’s soft tissues
  • extending our practical feeling for the client’ soft tissue – its texture, pliability, responsiveness and energy (dullness/aliveness) – to inform how we invite and coach the client to soften, relax, be stretched and release

Darien Pritchard is celebrating 40 years as a bodyworker and teacher, including nearly 30 of teaching Professional Development courses for massage practitioners. He is presently rewriting two of his published massage textbooks, and also working on a new one on Hands Free Massage.

NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc


1 and 2 day courses 2019

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18 May 2019
Protect your hands, save your back and shoulders for massage therapists


9 May 2019
Releasing the Neck


22 Jun
Freeing the Shoulders


23 Jun
Releasing the Neck


6 & 7 Jul
Basic Hands Free Massage


14 Sep
Releasing the Lower Back


5 & 6 Oct
Basic Hands Free Massage


26 Oct
Rocking the Body, Rolling the limbs


27 Oct
Living Anatomy – a hands-on muscle review day


30 Nov
Releasing the Neck


1 Dec
Freeing the Shoulders


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