Freeing the Shoulders

Deep massage and mobilising techniques

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This 1-day course is designed to enhance the massage practitioner’s repertoire of techniques and effectiveness for working extensively on this common area of tension, stiffness and discomfort, with the client prone.

The day begins with a ‘hands on’ review of the main muscles of this area and their actions, looking at them in their functional groups to help make sense of them.

Then we work with the client in a prone position, which enables us to get at a large number of the muscles that relate to the shoulder girdle and the arm. The techniques covered include specific deep massage and pressure techniques for release and re-energising of the muscles. These are allied with dynamic stretches  and mobilisations.

The course emphasises:

  • the choice of appropriate techniques, and adapting them to suit the individual client
  • ‘listening’ with your hands (monitoring and adapting to the client’s responses).
  • ways of moderating the pressure
  • how to blend the techniques smoothly into a massage session
  • and relevant exercises to offer the client for self-maintenance
  • protecting your hands and body while working most effectively

“Very informative and to the point – I will be using the techniques I’ve learnt today to help others”

Note: The Releasing the Neck, Freeing the Shoulders, and Releasing the Lower Back courses are each self-contained. Each can be taken as a stand-alone course, but they also complement one another.

Releasing the Neck, Shoulders and Lower Back

There is also a 4 day course covering the neck, shoulders and lower back, which incorporates and extends the work of these 3 courses – with the client prone, supine, side-lying and seated (clothed).

NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc

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