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Living Anatomy


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Muscle review day for massage practitioners

This one-day course focuses on learning / reviewing muscles in an applied hands on way. It is open to all qualified massage practitioners and aromatherapists, whatever your prior knowledge of muscles.

The aim is to provide you with understanding and experience which you can use to enhance your massage practice.

You’ll learn to:

  • identify muscles by touch (palpation),
  • understand their actions in a practical way,
  • choose the most effective types of  massage techniques for working on particular muscles,
  • and give clients effective stretching ‘homework’.

The course begins with a review of the main bones and joints. This lays the groundwork for making sense of how the muscles work on them. We’ll then:

  • look at the logic of muscle shapes and actions,
  • identify thirty main muscles / muscle groups (via hands on),
  • locate their attachments to the bones – to help make sense of their actions,
  • and describe and locate these muscles within their functional groups.

This will not be a ‘dry’ course of academic information, but an interesting, active day, using:

  • a 3D model with muscles,
  • muscle cut-outs, and a range of pictures and charts,
  • and considerable hands-on time locating the muscles, feeling them in action, and identifying tensions within them.


“the hands-on approach made anatomy and physiology come to life and memorable”


“Brilliant – makes learning anatomy much more fun”


NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc


1 and 2 day courses

28 October 2017
Freeing the Shoulders, Newport


19 November 2017
Living Anatomy (muscle review day), Newport


2-3 December 2017
Basic Hands Free Massage, Newport


28-29 April 2018
Basic Hands Free Massage, Newport


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Extensive Hands Free Massage Training
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Extensive Hands Free Massage Training on the Hands Free website

Mon 19 – Tue 20 Mar 2018
Mon 23 – Tue 24 Apr 2018
Sat 2 – Sun 3 Jun 2018
Sat 7 – Sun 8 Jul 2018
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