Releasing the Lower Back

Deep massage and mobilising techniques

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The focus is on expanding the massage practitioner’s range of techniques for working effectively on this common area of stiffness, tension and discomfort.

1 day course – working with the client prone

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This position enables you to work on many of the muscles that relate to the lower back and the back of the pelvis.

The day begins with a review of the relevant muscles and their actions, with hands-on identification to help understand  how they function. Then we’ll work with partenrs prone. You’ll learn deep massagevibration and pressure techniques for releasing tension, and softening and energising the muscles. And we’ll also look at promoting flexibility in the lower back and hips with applied stretches and mobilisations.

2 day course –  extend your skills further

The first day is the same as the 1 day course.

On the second day, we focus on working with the client

  • supine – for massaging on the front of the relevant lower trunk and thigh muscles, and applying leg stretches for the lower back and hip joints
  • and in side-lying position – which provides 360° access for massaging and mobilising the lower back and around the hip joints.

Both of these courses include instruction on

Prone lumbar mobilisation
  • choosing appropriately from these techniques for the individual client
  • ‘listening’ with your hands – monitoring and adapting to the client’s responses
  • how to moderate the pressure
  • smoothly blending the techniques into massage treatments
  • using your body well and looking after your hands (being effective with minimal strain)
  • offering the client relevant ‘homework’ exercises for self-maintenance

“Lots to take away and build on”

Note: This course and the Freeing the Shoulders course are each taught as stand-alone courses. However, they also complement each other if you attend both for an integrated training.

NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc

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