Releasing the Neck

Deep massage and mobilising techniques


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Neck Stretch

 1 day course

This 1 day course begins with a ‘hands on’ review of the main muscles of the neck and upper back and their actions. We then work with the client in a supine position, which enables us to work on most of the neck and upper shoulder muscles and is a good position for mobilising the neck.

Techniques covered for this area include:

  • deep massage techniques for stretching and softening the muscles
  • sliding and stationary pressure techniques for specific tension release
  • applied stretches and mobilisations for increasing neck flexibility

There is also a demonstration of neck massage and mobilising with the client seated.

  2 day course

There is also a 2 day course for those wanting to learn a range of further techniques for working with the client in other postions. The first day covers the same ground as the 1 day course. Day 2 look at:

  • working with equivalent techniques when the client is seated and side-lying,
  • and ‘homework’ exercises for clients to help them maintain ease and flexibility in the neck.

As well as covering specific techniques, these courses look at:

  • applying the techniques appropriately – monitoring the client’s responses, and choosing and adapting the techniques for the individual client (including how to moderate the pressure)
  • blending firm techniques and stretches fluidly into massage sessions
  • good hand and bodyuse by the practitioner (working with minimum strain and maximum effectiveness)


“I can immediately think of some clients who are going to love this”


Note: These Releasing the Neck courses are self-contained. However the techniques covered in the Freeing the Shoulders courses complement them, particularly for working on the overlapping area at the upper shoulder/base of the neck, so the two courses work well together.


NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc


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