Rhythmical techniques for release, energising and rebalancing the body

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RhythmMobility® in action, client side lying

RhythmMobility® addresses a basic need that is of ten rest r icted in today’s increasingly sedentary world – the need to move and to be moved. R-M techniques are designed to release tension, increase flexibility and energise the body. They offer practitioners an effective way of working deeply that can often bypass the client’s (instinctive) barriers to release.

In addition, they give the client a dynamic sense of their bodies – in contrast to sedentary life. RhythmMobility® techniques include body rocking, limb rolling, ‘push-pull’ techniques, rhythmical trunk and limb stretches, and focused rhythmical muscle pressure and stretches. They can be used for general release throughout the body, or directed to specific muscle release and joint mobilising. They can be blended into a massage session OR used as a complete treatment on their own. The effects can be relaxing, stimulating or both.

RhythmMobility® sessions are generally done with the client clothed. However many of the techniques can also be easily incorporated into oil massage sessions.

You will learn how to:

  • work in a skillful, responsive way – searching out and working with the individual client’s ‘natural’ rhythms (rather than moving their body at an imposed pace);
  • monitor and adapt to the client’s responses;
  • use your body with most ease and effectiveness to support the application of the techniques;
  • blend RhythmMobility® techniques smoothly into massage treatments.

There 3 levels of RhythmMobility®:


1 Day Introduction to RhythmMobility®

This 1 day course introduces participants to the background and basic concepts of RhythmMobility®. It covers rhythmical techniques such as body rocking, limb rolling, and some simple head rolling techniques, which can easily be blended into massage sessions.

Note: This day is the same as the first day of both the RhythmMobility® 2 day course and the full 10 day RhythmMobility® training.

2 Day Basic RhythmMobility®

RhythmMobility® side lying leg mobilisation

This 2 day course introduces participants to the concepts of RhythmMobility®. It covers rhythmical techniques such as body rocking, limb rolling, and some simple head rolling techniques. It also focuses on a range of rhythmical stretches and mobilisations for the shoulders, hips and the other major limb joints. These can all be easily blended into massage sessions.

This course can be done as a single weekend, or as two separate days (e.g. a week or a fortnight apart).

Note: This weekend is the same as the first weekend of the 10 day full RhythmMobility® training.

10 Day Extensive RhythmMobility® training

This 10 day training covers a large range of rhythmical techniques.

Please see  the Extensive RhythmMobility® training course page for more information >

How I developed this work

Since receiving body rocking from a Shiatsu practitioner in the late 1970s, I began to use this in massage treatments, and added rhythm to stretches that I developed with a group of yoga teachers. I also discovered how potent it was to add rhythmical/rocking elements to conventional massage techniques – to ‘get round’ client’s habitual defences.

As I incorporated movement skills learnt through Feldenkrais training, and some exposure to Trager and Pulsing work, I also called on many of the protocols of massage – e.g. setting a relaxing atmosphere before working deeper, not going in too soon, suddenly or heavily, continuity and consistency in application, being guided by the client’s responses.

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Rhythmical Techniques for Release, Energising and Rebalancing the Body

NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc

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