The SuppleSpine Programme for Back Care

Teaching clients exercises to regain and then maintain flexibility in the trunk


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Do you have clients who are ‘stuck’ in a ‘poor posture’?

This 2 day course is designed to teach massage therapists how to use the SuppleSpine exercises with clients to help them establish a self-maintenance home programme. The ‘exercises’ consist of specific movements which are done without pain or strain. They are designed to increase suppleness through rediscovering the natural flexibilty of the trunk, either after a problem episode, or a lifetime of stiffening up.

These exercises are of particular benefit for people with sedentary jobs, particularly those who spend their working lives hunched over a computer, a desk or a work bench.
During the course, practitioners learn the exercises by

  • doing them by themselves
  • through hands-on coaching by a partner
  • and by observing and coaching fellow students.

The course helps practitioners to develop their ability to identify the stiff areas in the client’s back through observation, and to develop an individually tailored sequence of exercises for individual clients. There’s also practical input to develop awareness of one’s back in action, which helps people to reduce or avoid recurrences of problems.

Please note: This course addresses common back tension and strains – i.e. those that don’t require the intervention of an osteopath, chiropractor, or physiotherapist.

NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc


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