Professional Development Training Courses for Massage Practitioners

The Art of ‘Dry’ Massage

Working effectively without oil


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It’s not always appropriate to use oil for massage – e.g. in public situations, or to avoid skin reactions to oils. This workshop is for practitioners who want to gain experience and confidence in this important professional skill.

It covers effective massage without oil – on both clothed and unclothed clients, with them on the massage table. As well as using these techniques in the clinic, you can also use them for warming up athletes, sports-people, dancers etc before events.


This 1 day course focuses on:

  • The most effective non-oil techniques, and ways of conserving your hands as you deliver them
  • Oil massage techniques which work well without oil (and points out oil strokes to avoid because they don’t work well or are too hand intensive)
  • Applying pressure effectively, and working effectively through clothing
  • A range of effects from relaxation to invigoration
  • Fluidity and continuity in delivery
  • And some general sequences for integrated non-oil treatments


“surprisingly effective techniques that I will definitely make great use of”

“as a sports massage therapist these techniques will be so useful for pre-event massage when I can’t use oil”


NEXT WORKSHOP: See the Diary for workshop dates, cost, locations, etc


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