Training for Trainers

Training for Massage Tutors to teach in an Inspiring, Creative Way

I am available to teach be-spoke Train the Trainer days or longer courses – training massage tutors to teach professional training in an inspiring, creative, but grounded way.

The courses are designed to refresh and extend the massage tutor’s teaching repertoire. They can also be tailored for new tutors.

They cover both information to be delivered and practical teaching methods which engage and actively involve the students in a variety of ways.

Courses usually cover:

  • relevant information on the area to be covered (with workbooks and DVDs)
  • well-honed teaching procedures, experience of how they work, and practise in using them
  • practical ideas on addressing a range of learning styles (visual, auditory kinesthetic, and through activity, discussion, research, reflection, brainstorms, paired and team tasks and simulation exercises)
  • clear guidelines for tutors to further develop these particular methods and to create similar teaching procedures on your own and practice in doing this
  • methods of using the learning needs, questions, responses and discoveries of each new student group that you teach to keep your teaching continually fresh
  • useful, engaging methods of having students consolidate their understanding by reviewing and summarising the material covered, and by analysing, reflecting on and applying it in varied ways
  • efficient ways of continually assessing individual students learning and the whole group’s progress (and using this to build on strengths and address areas of weakness)

Areas that can be covered include:

Effective Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology teaching – and exam preparation

  • that includes active involvement of the students – learning, reviewing, analysing, applying the information (rather than via ‘dry’, boring lectures)
  • focused on relevance to massage (including hands-on, creating & using models, flash cards, card sorting, role plays, active reviews of material covered, group learning/review tasks etc)

Consultation skills – leading into treatment strategy

Continuity, Sequencing and Creativity in Swedish Massage:

  • developing the practical skills of delivering the massage, grouping of massage techniques, intelligent sequencing, adapting to different clients, thinking about the overall ‘shape’ and pacing of massage sessions

Using your Hands Skillfully – Effectively and without strain

  • developing palpation skills, protecting hands, saving thumbs and wrists, using other areas of the hands

Dynamic Bodyuse for Massage

  • using your body well to back up hands-on skills, positioning and moving your body for best power and fluidity.

Teaching Muscles

  • hands-on palpation of muscles (relaxed, tensed and in action)
  • ‘theory’ – concepts and terminology of muscle structure and functioning that will help students to make sense of what they palpate, to think about the implications for hands-on massage and to offer appropriate exercises to clients.

Massaging without Oil

  • techniques that are best suited to ‘dry’ massage, including on skin and through clothing.

Working with the client lying on the side and working with a seated client

  • helping students to become familiar with these under-used but important positions.

makes learning anatomy fun

valuable, practical, interactive

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